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Who we are

Our website address is: is a betting information site. This page contains terms of use only. Before using our website, you must read the terms of use carefully. So, Downloading our games using this service means:

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General provisions

1.1. Terms of Service Individual users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) have the following rules for the use of interactive services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) provided by service providers through online services: (hereinafter referred to as “Services”).

1.2. The service provided by the service provider shall include providing registered service users (“Members”) with access to services, including gaming platforms for entertainment purposes, allowing users to contact other interested parties. and share information and opinions. game. and improve their understanding of the game.

1.3. Members may participate in games as part of the services provided by the service provider. It is necessary to have the most points in the game that requires the application of these skills or to have the points or the final result determined partly or entirely by chance.

1.4. Go through the services offered and apply to join. Each time you access the service, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.

1.5. The service provider wishes to communicate that it does not enter into separate agreements with users or members. So All members must abide by these Terms of Use only.

1.6. You can view and print the terms of use at any time.

1.7. Not enjoy all game features provided by the service. It depends on whether the player’s computer or mobile device meets certain technical requirements.

1.8. Provider attributable to factors beyond its control or unforeseen circumstances. We do not take any responsibility. In addition, the Provider reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the provision of services through the Services at any time for any reason, especially if the Services require maintenance work, review or technical expansion.

Membership and Viewers

2.1 All visitors to this website must be at least 18 years old. Please leave if you are under 18.

2.3 The Provider wishes to inform the User that it is in a game offered through the Service. The outcome of many games depends on the player’s reflexes, dexterity, and perception. Therefore, certain types of disabilities, especially those with visual or motor impairments, may find it difficult to use the service.

2.4 The service agency has the right to ignore a member’s registration if the personal information he provided is false, incomplete, or inaccurate. When this happens, the member cannot directly file a claim for loss of membership in the service.

2.5 The Company may check User access to Support Locations and, if eligible, may take appropriate technical steps to prohibit its legal guidelines and use best efforts to prohibit or restrict access to Support.

2.6 Providers may require Participants to improve passwords or other login information for protection reasons or other critical business or technical reasons.

2.7 The service provider offers the legal right to delete participant data from your support if the account has not been used for at least 1 year from the last login date.

Betting Site Guide

3.1 Employees shall have gaming chips as a means of participating in certain online gaming provided by the Support. Online Gaming Chips may be provided free of charge to employees or purchased by consumers for use in games at the prices given in the sale price policy, or otherwise obtained for free, such as the services outlined in any promotions the service provider plans to prepare.

3.2 The Company may publish rules, ratings, participation questions, and descriptions of its online games in the reference section attached to each game.

3.3 After the competition, the service organization shall disclose the personal login name and result information. The above data will also be included in the high score table.

Smart Betting Site Rules

Note the following basic principles:

4.1 I am participating just for fun.

4.2 I play in positions that have no reasonable value and I realize their only value is my happiness.

4.3 I only spend the maximum amount I can get rid of.

4.4 I try to win and I say I never try to get revenge.

4.5 I don’t actually play when I’m sad, tired and/or disappointed, addicted to drugs or alcohol.

4.6 Besides playing online gambling, I can do some things in my spare time.

Please do not forget if you think that Bookmakerssite is more than a form of entertainment. So, you can contact the bookmaker customer service. and wish to delete your member account. and permanently refuse to support the accessibility service provided.

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